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April 18, 2019

HR High Tea: Reward Strategy – Achieving more with Less

On Tuesday 9th April, we ran our ‘HR High Tea: Reward Strategy – Achieving more with Less’ event at Albert’s- Beaufort House in Chelsea to discuss ways companies can do more for less in the HR reward space. The session was led by Nik Butcher from Chuangyi Group.

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April 15, 2019

Integrated Talent Management

It would be for evolving health and care systems to have available the workforce they really require. Fundamentally, we are in a place where the services that are there to support the health and care needs of individuals, do not have the key individuals they need to do so. For several years now, it has been well-recognised that professionals in key disciplines are in desperately short supply.

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April 2, 2019

Managing at Scale

It would be with management structures. The great companies have one thing in common: a world-class management system. One that cascades from top to bottom of the organisation, allowing management of their business at all levels and a clear line of sight from board to shop floor.

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March 18, 2019

Standardisation of Funding

’d use the average income per specialty information to achieve standardisation of funding to providers across the NHS. National data exists or can be generated that would provide a basis for comparison to a peer group of similar providers at a specialty level.

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March 4, 2019

NHS ‘What If…” Report

When the NHS celebrated its 70th Birthday in 2018, the government announced £20bn a year in extra funding by 2023. As NHS leaders announced their long-term plans at the start of January 2019, outlining how they will spend that money, we at Practicus thought we’d invite the views of a group of people seldom heard […]

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March 1, 2019


Have you ever been in one of those situations where you really don’t fit in but have the good fortune to meet someone who thinks just like you do? If you have, you’ll know it’s the foundation for something special – a life-long friendship, a project collaboration or possibly, a business venture. In the case […]

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January 25, 2019

Independent Healthcare and the NHS: Partnerships

by Carl Stevenson At the end of 2018, Practicus coordinated a roundtable – hosted by Alliance Healthcare – that brought together leaders from independent healthcare providers and the NHS. It’s focus? To look at creating more effective partnerships. It’s difficult talking about partnerships between the private and public healthcare sector. Throughout the seventy years of […]

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January 20, 2019

Good people, made better

by Darren Tolhurst, CEO. It’s taken us 15 years but we think we’ve finally cracked it! We set out in 2004 to change the way people feel about recruitment. That purpose has taken us down many different roads, most of which have delighted our customers and helped us grow. What’s remained constant throughout that time […]

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January 2, 2019

BI Without The BS

by Lawrence Hill. A night of open, honest discussion around the art of the possible. There’s a lot of excitement about Business Intelligence (BI) tools for empowering evidence-based decision making. But it’s often the case that the decision on which one to use is far from easy, and often lost amongst conflicting business priorities and […]

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August 24, 2018

Winning the war of attrition in independent health

by Carl Stevenson, Managing Consultant. I wrote recently that the workforce problem facing independent health due to Brexit was really an intensification of long-standing hiring and retention issues. The truth is that demand for talent has been increasing for some time while the ability to retain people remains poor. There’s no getting away from how […]

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