March 1, 2019


Have you ever been in one of those situations where you really don’t fit in but have the good fortune to meet someone who thinks just like you do? If you have, you’ll know it’s the foundation for something special – a life-long friendship, a project collaboration or possibly, a business venture.

In the case of three frustrated employees at one of the UK’s bigger recruitment groups, their chance meeting would lead to a new company that turned 15 years old this March.


It’s a story of many ups, a few downs and a burning ambition to change the way people feel about recruitment. A mission statement that is still core to our purpose today.

We have an enormous amount to be grateful for over those 15 years:

·        The 6,000 people who have taken an assignment or permanent role through us

·        The 1,400 organisations who have trusted us to recommend the right people

·        The different bodies that saw fit to bestow us with 10 awards

·        All the interims who have voted us into the Top 10 of the IIM’s provider survey year after year

But most of all, we’re incredibly thankful for all the people who have shared in our journey over the last 15 years, the people who make this company different, ambitious and continually innovating.

Thank you!


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