Culture + Values

Our Culture

We love our Culture here at Practicus and we all work so hard to cultivate it and protect it and for that we are very grateful to our staff.

What our Culture Hero vote does is take the time to pick out the people in the business who have truly gone above and beyond to represent everything about our wonderful culture across all of its four areas: 

The nominations are in the hands of our fantastic Senior Leadership Team who bring them to the Board Table each quarter.  There are 2 places up for grabs – one winner from our Sales Team and one from our amazing support team – The Engine Room. The winner of the Engine Room vote wins a place on the next achievers lunch and if the winner from the Sales Team is a Delivery Consultant or Community Business Partner, they also win a place on the lunch.


Every day, in every area, we motivate and reward our people for living these values.



We believe in creating opportunities for people to make a positive impact on society. Every year we come together as a company to choose a charity to raise money for. We create a programme of events and get our clients and candidates involved too. On top of that, we are all given two volunteering days (fully paid) each year to support the community initiatives we’re involved in outside of work.