March 4, 2019

NHS ‘What If…” Report

When the NHS celebrated its 70th Birthday in 2018, the government announced £20bn a year in extra funding by 2023. As NHS leaders announced their long-term plans at the start of January 2019, outlining how they will spend that money, we at Practicus thought we’d invite the views of a group of people seldom heard from, to see how they’d improve the NHS.

The group we spoke to are all Turnaround and Improvement professionals on the front line of making the NHS a better service.

We asked each of them the same question:

“Putting all politics aside, if you could change one thing about the NHS, what would it be?”

NHS ‘What If…’ Report:

What’s attached are their individual responses. These professionals come from across the spectrum of NHS institutions and functions, from CCGs, Acutes, Mental Health Trusts and Community bodies. They cover operational as well as financial turnaround and improvement within every quarter of the service.

The report represents a broad church of views and touches on everything from funding to sustainability, from standardisation to taking politics out of healthcare. We are not presenting this collection of opinions as anything other than the honestly held views of professionals who are passionately engaged with improving our NHS.

Our purpose here is to create a platform for valuable insights from those who ordinarily you wouldn’t hear from.

What about you? Putting all politics aside, what would you change about the NHS?

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