Resourcing teams to rescue programmes


Resourcing teams to rescue programmes - Clinical Commissioning group

The Challenge

In December 2017, the newly appointed Turnaround Director of a CCG in a challenging geography needed to act fast to re-invigorate its QIPP programme. Progress had stalled following both quality and financial issues with providers, and her first task was to assemble a team to support her in re-establishing momentum. She approached Practicus to provide the interims she needed. 


As an area, it can be challenging to recruit for specialist short-term roles that are needed infrequently. It’s equally hard to attract talent from surrounding areas due to the distance between major conurbations. In short succession, we built a team of six for the Turnaround Director. The team included:

QIPP recovery specialist

2 x QIPP project managers

Improvement manager for planned care – QIPP

Improvement manager for unplanned care – QIPP

Acute project manager


The team had a rapid delivery window, with most assignments needing to be complete by May 2018. Communication and coordination with providers has improved immeasurably.