Moving up the league tables

Higher Education

Moving up the league tables - University

The Challenge

This university had dropped position in the Guardian’s University League table from #50 to #73. They wanted to improve their position next year but had issues with data quality that is used in the HESA returns.


Developed a project plan with clear deliverables to enable the clients outcome to be delivered in tight timeframes. Engaged extensively with senior managers and academics to review how each department was compiling and submitting their returns, immediately identifying gaps and variables in each departments approach. From this an urgent improvement plan was rolled out as well as a longer-term ‘best practice’ plan containing recommendations for improvement for the future.


Through the immediate action plan, the university achieved 54th position in time for the next year’s league table and, by embedding the ‘best practice’ recommendations, they are set to return to a top 50 spot for the following year. Furthermore mentoring and coaching of the team to ensure the improvements were sustainable was achieved.


“Practicus were extremely helpful throughout, they came to meet me and were diligent in setting the correct brief and scope to meet the outcomes we wanted. The consultant they found left us with a clear set of recommendations that we can take forward with confidence that will safeguard our performance in league tables” – Registrar